Aliens Ate My Motorcycle: : Things to Do in New Mexico When You’re UFOing

You could say I’ve been into the “UFO scene” aback my fourth brand abecedary Mrs. Madugle apprehend to us kids on a circadian base from Truman Bethurum’s “Aboard a Aerial Saucer, ” a band archetypal in the “contactee” abstract of the 1950s. It larboard one of those enduring impressions spinning in my head.

Now actuality I was, years later, benumbed my motorcycle from L.A. to Roswell, New Mexico, a amphitheater of absorption for UFO buffs, the abode breadth in aboriginal July 1947 a aerial saucer allegedly comatose and its occupants recovered, as the chance goes. Of allegorical proportions, the bewilderment of Roswell is still a axis of altercation bisected a aeon afterwards acknowledgment to official obfuscation, as in “cover-up” and the Freedom of Information Act by which advisers accept unearthed incriminating documentation.

You could say Roswell is the Plymouth Rock for UFO advisers although a lot of of us Saucerheads are not UFO-nuts. We’re your boilerplate motorcycle riding, freelance commodity writing, avant-garde amount captivation adventurer who’d rather absorb timing delving into abstruse mysteries than the allowance shops in Disneyland. We’ve got our own Tomorrowland to analyze breadth the stakes are catholic and oftimes comic. But that’s the attributes of the universe, a antithesis of the agrarian and wacky, the anemic and the able armament that cement all the quanta together.

As I ambiguous up my armor-enhanced benumbed anorak and donned my full-face helmet, I was in fact added anxious that the armament captivation calm my 20-year old German motorcycle would prevail. Aboriginal accessory was bustling out and puffs of gray smoke from the larboard butt bankrupt meant ring job, but the accurate old BMW R100/7 had gone150, 000 afar so what was a brace thousand added in the face of ablaze years of chance ambuscade about the next ambit curve.

To cut to the chase, let’s just book up the amid amplitude amid L.A. and my average stop in Santa Fe as a missing time experience, a lot of arid freeway pavement during which one could amalgamate the mindset for the activity at hand. Aback I had alone a abbreviate timeframe for this adventure, I took the semi-direct avenue from L.A. aboriginal to Santa Fe, about 860 afar from L.A., again on to Roswell, about 200 afar south. If you wish to skip Santa Fe altogether and do the beeline 970 afar from L.A., you just get assimilate the 1-10 East and accumulate traveling for 674.90 miles, affix to the US-70E which becomes the US-285 S. A larboard on the NM-2, accession larboard on NM-2 and you’re there. Of advance you ability wish to stop and that appears to smell the cactus now and then.

Without any automated mishaps or dispatch tickets, I and my accurate Beemer accustomed in Santa Fe a.k.a. the “City of the Holy Faith.” Founded in 1607 and boasting 200 art galleries and 5 museums the boondocks is a sandstone, adhere timberline and cactus clad antecedent co-constructed by three cultures: Built-in Americans who got there first, the Spanish who accustomed afterwards and afterwards the Anglos who concluded up owning the place. My aboriginal consequence was that Santa Fe was advised by Barney Rubble acknowledgment to the arena adhering houses with their angled absurd handmolded look. Aggregate is rendered in the hues of the surrounding desert… breccia browns, gecko grays, tumbleweed tans… a accomplished city-limits aerial to eco-friendly, zero-scape invisibility. What keeps it on the map are supernovae of acute blush peaking through the adobe cloaking device. They can be apparent in the celebrated capital district, accurately the arcade stalls anchored beneath the balustrade of the Palace of the Governors breadth the bounded Indians accumulate to advertise their blithely able argent adornment and bubble alloyed tapestries and clothing. In addition, huge strands of broiled red chilies like diminished kelp forests adhere everywhere. Santa Fe’s shamanistic talismans, they braid a ambrosial spell aback aggregate you adjustment to eat seems to appear with chili salsa.

I acquainted a annoyed and it wasn’t advancing from any abstruse underground U.S. Air Force/Alien accession although one is declared to abide in the area. I was athirst and something brought me to the massive duke carved board doors of the Inn of the Anasazi (113 Washington Ave., 505-988-3030). The Inn’s 59 apartment affection gaslit fireplaces, four-poster beds, Indian artwork, even amoebic toiletries created locally with built-in cedar extract. Artists, historians and archaeologists host abode chats in the Inn’s active room. Alarm it a apple of the best Sante Fe has to action beneath one vigas and latillas complete roof. The Inn was alleged afterwards the Built-in American humans who had congenital a blooming ability on the adjacent cliffs of Chaco Canyon again al of a sudden abolished afterwards a trace six hundred years ago. Yes, petroglyphs and cavern assets in the breadth do characterize aberrant creatures with helmet-like headgear. Conflicting UFOnauts or bikers? Science had no answers, but the hotel’s accomplished restaurant did… their specialty lamb able by Chef Randall Warder and aggrandized by a arch wine list.

To bake off some of the calories I active up for a little circuit I abstruse about from the deluge of brochures begin at the hotel. (Brochures and blockage out the bounded buzz book Yellow Pages is generally my aboriginal assay action if entering conflicting territory.) No tours to UFO landing sites but I did acquisition something alleged “Aspook About Ghosts ” Abutting abundant aback some board see a hotlink amid etheric and inter-dimensional warps and UFOs. What the heck, afterwards a big banquet I bare a walk.

For a few bucks the bout organizers promised “a addictive acquaintance into Sante Fe’s bleary past… activity (and death) a part of the coyotes, witches, ghosts, and the not absolutely dead.” Conducted by Santa Fe apparition adviser Peter Sinclaire (505-988-2774), I and my adolescent alarm seekers met at the deluxe Eldorado Auberge at the amphitheater of San Francisco and Sandoval for a two hour animal analysis of Santa Fe’s apparitional places. It’s a abundant way to see Sante Fe, affectionate of Apparition Busters Meets the Travel Channel.

Santa Fe is aswell into digging up the basic of the past, and so am I. But I like to attending in deposit and mineral food for UFO accompanying items. You never apperceive if a area of the Roswell blast will appearance up, right? No saucer debris, but there was a abundant accord on anachronistic egg shells at the Charlie “Have Rocks Will Travel” Snell boutique amid at 1110 Calle La Resolana.

Before I spent all my money on eggs I couldn’t eat, I threw my backpack aback on my bike, and acicular its headlight against Roswell about 175 afar south of Sante Fe. State Road 285 is a absolute abode to get abducted. It’s about bare of cartage with annihilation but abrade besom and wide-open pettiness for hundreds of afar in all directions. Bigger to ride it at night if you wish a abutting appointment of the fourth kind, but bigger to do it in the aurora if you’d rather not run into the pronghorn antelope you see everywhere. Antelope and motorcycles don’t alloy well.

I nailed the burke and accursed aback down 285, and lo’ and catch anon begin myself entering the city-limits banned of Roswell. It came in the anatomy of a behemothic trampoline corrective with the face of an Conflicting Gray… big head, bigger eyes… bashed on the foreground of a godawful big Wal-Mart administration store. Inside my head, something aside that UFO’s had been commercialized. It was no big abstruse that Roswell was on the all-embracing map because of the 1947 adventure and the town’s consecutive absolute embrace of the accomplished idea. If there is such a abode that deserves the appellation “UFOville” again it’s Roswell. From Wal-Mart to the Arby’s sandwich drive-through to the All-embracing UFO Building and Research Institute, Roswell was 100% Aerial Saucer Central. I admired the abode at aboriginal sight.

I arrested into the “cost-effective” Crane Motel, one of those bring-your-own-ice-bucket” places. You can’t absence it. There’s a aberrant array of old clutter cars with collapsed tires growing roots in the ground, an old artifice to argue humans the abode has guests. Or maybe the guests never left. One Plymouth had a achromatic “Vote Nixon” bonanza sticker on it. In any case, I spent a lot of of the next two canicule active in Roswell’s All-embracing UFO Museum. You could calmly absorb a ages if you’re into the subject. Exhibits awning the Roswell blast or crashes aback added assemblage accept appear advanced with accession blast website about 58 afar from Roswell. You can watch the video fabricated by the backward Jim Ragsdale a few canicule afore his death. He relates the data of his appointment with a comatose disc that careened over his auto barter in which he and his adherent were “buck naked” at the time. You can buy a archetype of the band or the book. Judge for yourself, but appealing abuse convincing.

Dozens of added UFO accompanying books and videos are available, a few of the over 1000 items abounding by the museum’s allowance shop, a day’s analysis in itself. I bought an Conflicting New Mexico driver’s authorization that I anticipate will get me into a lot of confined in town. I aswell bought a commemorative Roswell rug and a associates in the museum. I batten with the absorbing Ms. Phyllis Blackard, one of the building volunteers (admission is free!) who as a adolescent babe was present in Roswell if it all came down from the sky. “I was actuality if the aggressive swarmed in, and I apperceive Glenn Dennis the mortician who saw the little conflicting bodies. You can yield his chat to the bank.”

Located at 114 N. Main, the building has had over 1,000,000 visitors. The exhibits chase the time band of the July 1947 adventure and its aftermath, affectation declared conflicting ability fragments, and aswell spotlights the crop amphitheater abstruseness and added associated subjects. Documents and photos band the walls as do assorted artists renderings of UFO scenes. There’s even a area with UFO humor, cartoons, and such as able-bodied as two video screening apartment breadth you can watch documentaries. You can aswell accept your photo taken in foreground of an “alien autopsy” arena that boasts backdrop from the “Roswell” blur starring Martin Sheen. Bulletin boards column the latest in letters from the about the world, and if you wish to yield a Roswell UFO crashsite bout you can alarm (505) 622-0628.

Although I admired I could I abide in Roswell through the anniversary July 4th anniversary extravaganza, UFO-themed of course, I had to get aback to L.A. and work. But I occasionally glanced upward, consistently responding to the UFOlogist’s mantra …”Watch the Skies.”

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